Bringing math to life

We are parents like you. Some of us even struggled with math as kids. We now work hard to make sure children can effectively learn math while having fun. We have a mission: bringing math to life!

Our company was co-founded by Jean-Baptiste Huynh, a math teacher who was frustrated because he felt he was failing his students. Traditional teaching methods were simply not working for his students so he decided to innovate. His research lead him to a simple, but powerful learning strategy: play! A few years later, DragonBox Algebra was born and has been widely praised as one of the most innovative math learning games of all time.

We listen to children. We play with them. Each one of our award-winning DragonBox games underwent hundreds of iterations, based on the feedback of kids, parents and teachers.

At WeWantToKnow we take video games very seriously. We make sure that they are extremely fun and engaging. We also work very hard so they provide rigorous, effective learning. Actually, our team includes many PhDs, and we work together with universities and schools around the world to make sure our products really help kids to improve their learning.

That is who we are: a passionate team working hard to help children, families and teachers to bring math to life!





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