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DragonBox Apps in the Classroom

Teachers can encourage their students to play freely with the games, and follow-up with discussions and lessons about the gameplay.   Through playing with the digital manipulatives in DragonBox games, students deeply understand the mathematical concepts through active engagement, all while learning at their own pace.   

Each of our games are based around “digital manipulatives”.  These digital manipulatives were designed to be used as a teaching tool, along with classroom instruction and discussion. 

Kids are inherently curious. So naturally, our method fosters a student's innate curiosity, and allows for active engagement in the learning process.

The DragonBox Method

With the DragonBox Method, your students will be able to use their innate curiosity to explore mathematical concepts. Our games span a wide range of curricula, but each of our games have the DragonBox method at its core.

The DragonBox Method opens up the possibility for kids to actually explore mathematics.  They learn through play and experimentation -- trial and error.  Students gain instant feedback into their learning progress.  This, in turn, leads allows kids to learn at their own pace -- building a deep understanding of mathematics, as well as confidence in the subject.

How can you get access?

Our goal is to make access to the DragonBox learning games as easy as possible. There are a couple ways you can get access: 


Educational Downloads

Some of the stores our products are available on offer a discounted rate for educational institutions and bulk purchases. Discounts can be up to 50% off normal retail price, depending on the store and availability. Learn more here.


Teacher Access

This type of access gives you free access to DragonBox Numbers and DragonBox BIG Numbers to see if it is right for your classroom needs before commiting to it for your entire class. Learn more here.

Not sure which access is right for you? Contact us at and we can help you.

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