DragonBox Elements
Discover the logic behind geometry

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Geometric proof brought to life

No math book has been more influential
than Euclid’s Elements. It has been an
essential book for engineers, architects
and artists for centuries.
DragonBox Elements brings the rules of
geometry to life and allows your child to
discover the logic behind geometry
through play and exploration
Save Euclid’s island from
the evil dragon Osgard

Your child must recruit an army and
defeat the evil dragon Osgard.
Every time your child learns the
properties of a basic shape,
they unlock a new type of
soldier that will
join your child's quest
to save the island
from doom
The rules of the game
are the rules of geometry
Each step in a geometric proof
has to be supported by a theorem,
postulate or definition. This game
makes proof interactive and
much easier for your child to

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