DragonBox Numbers
Numbers brought to life

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Build a great foundation
for future math learning

The game is designed to teach kids
between 4 and 8 how to count, add
and subtract, by building their
number sense. Unlike other games that focus on the
memorization of basic math facts, DragonBox Numbers
trains your child to work fluently and flexibly with numbers
in a fun and engaging game environment.
Get to know the Nooms
The Nooms are fun characters your child
will love to play with. Each Noom represents
a quantity that can be manipulated
and transformed many different
ways. This teaches your child
that numbers are more
than just symbols.
Use basic math
to solve puzzles

The puzzles challenge your child
to count, compare, add and subtract
to create the puzzle pieces they need.
Working with many different
representations of numbers
reinforces your child's
number sense.
Climb the ladder to learn
what big numbers are made of

Your child will have to plan
moves carefully to reach the star
at the top of the ladder.
This activity is designed to give
your child a deeper understanding
of the relationships between
big and small numbers.
It is also a great introduction to
the decimal system.

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