"Particularly appealing for kids who are struggling
with learning how to read"

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Save the Readlings by
cracking the reading code

Kahoot! Learn to Read makes it possible for any child to crack the reading code to their own.

The game adapts to your child's individual level of skill and immerses them in an engaging game world that sparks their curiosity and allows them to teach themselves to read through exploration.

Your child will start by mastering the vowels and their sounds before moving on to the phonics of the other letters in the context of bigger words. By the end of the game your child will have written their own fairy tale book that you can read together.

Caged character
Characters with storybook

Kids teach themselves to
read through exploration

Adapts to your child's
individual reading level

Receive reports to track
your child's swift progess

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Developed by Scandinavian pedagogical experts,
Kahoot! Learn to Read has already taught over
100,000 kids to read

Watch Deacon’s (5) amazing transformation
Learning to read used to be a struggle,
now he’s best in his class

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