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1. Switching Devices or Multiple Devices

It is not currently possible to save your game progress when switching your device, or when using multiple devices.  This applies to all DragonBox games sold in App stores. 

The account feature in DragonBox Numbers and DragonBox BIG Numbers will allow for game syncing in the future.  This is currently under development.

However, if you change your profile name to WWTK in DragonBox Numbers, all the levels will be unlocked for you.  You will also receive a large sum of coins, which will allow your child to go back and play previous levels.  

For DragonBox Algebra 5+, DragonBox Algebra 12+, and DragonBox Elements, there is a way to unlock all the levels of the game.  Name your profile to ALLOPEN or WWTK, and you will be able to start wherever you want in the game.

2. Teacher Access

Click here for information about our Teacher Access program and how you can get an accout set up.  It’s easy! 

3. DragonBox on Chromebooks

Chromebooks devices are becoming more and more popular, especially in the classroom. We often get the question: are DragonBox products supported on Chromebooks?

The answer is: it depends. What device(s) are you using?

Newer Chromebooks support or will support Android apps.

The list of Chromebook devices currently supporting Android is maintained by Google here. Devices not listed here, currently do not support our apps.

As Google is killing Chrome apps for desktop, we prefer to focus on a technology that is going to be supported widely in the future. Supporting our games on many platforms is not easy :)

Note - most of our apps today do not sync progress across multiple devices, so users who choose to switch Chromebook device will lose their progress.

More information about Android for chromebook here.

4. Volume Purchases

Right now our for volume purchase is a bit platform dependent.

On iOS, if you purchase 20 or more licenses, iTunes will offer you a 50% educational discount. More Information

On Android there's currently no known discount strategy. Contact us for large deployments and we will work something out.

On Windows store (Windows 8, Windows RT), there's currently no known discount methods.

The WeWantToKnow store (for Windows XP, 7, Vista, etc, but also Mac) allows you to get 50% discount for 20 or more licenses.

For more information you can also visit our Educational Downloads page. If you want more information or have specific questions regarding licensing, contact us at

5. Refunds

Sometimes customers contact us for a refund. E.g.

- they purchased the wrong version of the game.
- they purchased the game for themselves instead of for someone else.

Our policy is to do the best we can to make you satisfied.

To obtain a refund on iTunes, try following the procedure described on this page

For Android users, contact us and give us the receipt number for your purchase, and we will try to help you out.

If you are using an Amazon device, the platform does not support returns at this time. See their full policy here.  If you have purchased any of our apps on an Amazon device and are unsatisfied, contact us and will will do our best to help. 

6. What is the difference between DragonBox Algebra 5+ and Algebra 12+

DragonBox Algebra 12+ features a slightly steeper learning curve and teaches more concepts than DragonBox Algebra 5+

DragonBox Algebra 5+ also features more levels, and more practice levels, a visual tutorial and a 'help mode'.

7. DragonBox Numbers - Making an additional profile

Here are the steps to add additional users for DragonBox Numbers:

1. In the main menu, you will see a bubble with the current profile name, and the text below it will say "change player" below the profile name. Click on this text.

2. Then you will have to pass the parent's gate, which is pressing the number combination the game gives you.

3. Then you will be able to create a new player. Just click on any of the available profile slots.

4.  You can have up to four profiles, and change between them as you please.

If you are just starting the game, the change layer bubble will be greyed out. You will have to complete the first puzzle before completing the steps for adding additional users.

8. Switching from Android to iOS, and vice versa

Unfortunately, when switching from Apple to Android or Android to Apple, you need to pay for apps all over again.  It's a completely different store and operating system.  That is one way they get you to keep buying Apple or vice versa! Very clever.

To continue learning math through playing our games, you will have to purchase the appropriate app for your new phone.

9. Which app should I purchase for my child?

Information for all of our products can be found on our Apps page.

This includes age range, as well as the subjects covered in our games.

10. How can I give DragonBox Apps as a gift? 

Gifting apps varies by platform. See our full post about how you can give the gift of math for your next special occasion. 

Still have questions? Visit our main support page

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