DragonBox is an award-winning pedagogy studio within the Kahoot! group. Our team consists of world leading experts within pedagogy, didactics and experience design.

Our mission is to make learning awesome by designing fun and efficient game-based learning experiences for home and school use.

From inspiring learning games...

When math teacher Jean-Baptiste Huynh noticed that many of his young and enthusiastic students, although otherwise intelligent, struggled with algebra, he figured there was a problem with the way the subject was taught, and not with the students themselves.

Because of this, he decided to found his own educational software company, WeWantToKnow, together with Patrick Marchal, Ph.d in cognitive science. Teamed with Jerome Lacoste, they create the multiple Award Winning Game, DragonBox Algebra.

Jba Pat Jer

Jean-Baptiste Huynh, Patrick Marchal and Jerome Lacoste,

Founders bringing fun to school


Remi Brissiaud,

(1949 - 2020)

Researcher and pedagogue

Remi Brissiaud, a French mathematician, researcher and a pedagogue, joined forces in 2016 with the DragonBox team to create digital tools, that would allow young students to visualize and understand math concepts at a deeper level in a classroom setting.

He brought his extensive knowledge and experience with curriculum design to bridge research on math didactics with game design. His work greatly integrated with DragonBox’s previous innovations to create the solution that would eventually become “Les Noums” - the French math curriculum.

Remi Brissiaud was an integral part creating this curriculum, adapted by thousands of schools. His work continues to inspire teachers to engage young learners in exploring math in a meaningful way with DragonBox digital tools.

To infinity and Beyond!

Today, the Dragonbox Team is present in France, Norway, Finland and beyond! With a team composed of educators, game designers, developers and illustrators, all experts in their fields, Dragonbox invents the educational tools of tomorrow.

Mathilde Sanglier

Managing Director DragonBox

Benjamin Huynh-Kim-Bang

Director of XP Design

Jérôme Lacoste

Engineering Director

Marna Georgstad

Pedagogical Owner

Bruno Capdevila

Engineering Manager

Pierre Gempp

Senior Producer

Audun Uggerud

Sales and Customer Success manager

Gonzalo Frasca

Storm maker

Gunnhild Ballari Nergård

Sales & Customer Success

Kevin Gauvin

Senior Graphic Designer

Mariem Borchani

Front-End Web Developer

Meira Koponen

Pedagogy & Didactics Manager

Oriane Perrin

Associate Producer

Pierre-Antoine Augereau

QA tester

Piia Susanna Korpelainen

Sales and Customer Success

Renate Strandseter Fleitscher

Pedagogical Owner

Romain Clément

Producer/Experienced Designer

Sam Vestby-Clarke

Senior Software Developer

Selim Bennani

App Developer

Sijia Wang

App Developer

Tommy Skjei

Interim Engineering Manager

Vladyslav Arkavenko

Backend Developer

Paul Niezborala

Senior Engineer

Nicolas Thenard

Novice Producer

Alejandro Palmero

Consultant Developer

Johannes Stensen

Senior Engineering Manager


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