So Easy a 5-Year-Old Can Do It

It's never too early to start learning algebra. You can easily grasp basic algebraic concepts and operations over ten chapters of the game. An instant feedback mechanism helps you understand what you're doing wrong to gain a sound understanding of algebra.

How does it work?

Over the course of the game, the cards with drawings are slowly replaced with variables and numbers. Little by little, you learn the operations needed to isolate "X" on one side of the game board.

Multiple award Winning!

2012 International Serious Play Conference

Gold Award

9th International Mobile Gaming Awards (2012 IMGA)

Best Serious Game

Fun and Serious Games Festival

Best Educational Game 2012

2012 Serious Games Showcase & Challenge

Best Serious Mobile Game

GullTasten 2012

App of the Year & Children’s App of the Year

Common Sense Media 2013

ON for Learning Award

Children’s Technology Review 2013

Editor’s Choice Award

Praised by the Press!

Within a couple hours, most kids playing DragonBox will be able to start solving simple algebraic equations, and what’s more, they’ll be having fun

Dragonbox is impressive because, without relying on text, it teaches the rules of algebra step-by-step as if the player is really only learning the laws of the universe particular to the game.

The most impressive math education app I’ve seen has to be DragonBox Algebra 5+.

This game is so much fun, it is a must-have for any teacher or parent who wants to give their student a head start in STEM concepts.

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