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Effective learning through storytelling, exploration, and
math talks.

No prep time required.

K - 3rd Grade
"Math talks as a way of teaching bring out the students' thinking in a whole new way."
Tatus Pellinen, Vaajakummu Unified School
Created by the award-winning Dragonbox Team
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Developed in collaboration with 60,000 scandinavian students and teachers
"Students have to think and explain what they have learned. They learn a lot from each other's explanations."
Saari Juuti, Puistolanrait Primary School
Bring math to life through exploration
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Engage the whole class in collaborative learning and math talks
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Try our “ready to teach” lessons in your next math class. No prep time required!
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Easy as 1, 2, 3
Choose your topic
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Project the lesson and go through it with your class
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Experiment together and talk about what you've learned
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What is a math lab?
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A supercharged upgrade to traditional math manipulatives
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Sparks conversations that engage the whole class
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Allows the whole class to collaborate
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Enjoy, Create, Modify and Share with Kahoot! Courses
There are more than 30 “ready to teach” lessons expertly crafted by our team for you to enjoy with no prep time, but you can also use lessons made by other teachers, or create your own lessons and share them with others using the awesome features available in Kahoot! Courses.