Teacher Access Pilot Program

Want to know more about the Pilot Program?

Help us test our game in your classroom! The Teacher Access Pilot Program gives you and your students the chance to embark on a brand new learning experience.

Build your students' number sense through using DragonBox Numbers, our revolutionary game, in your classroom.

Choose between 4 unique topics covered in DragonBox Numbers, all relating to number sense.  Special easy-to-use DragonBox lesson plans will be provided to help seamlessly guide you through the process.  Details below.       

Limited flexibility in your curriculum? No problem!  Choose from 3 unique Pilot Programs, each accommodating different schedules.  

Choose 1 or 2 of the Following DragonBox Topics:

1. Place Value
2. Equality
3. Comparing Numbers 
4. Efficient Solution Strategies/Commutative Property of Addition

Each topic of study contains 4 lesson plans, covering 1 school week of material.  Students will undergo a short pre, mid, and post test to assess their progress.  Not sure which topic or topics to choose from? Just send us an email and we'll help you find which topics are best for your students. 

At DragonBox, we are constantly searching for ways to improve our games. This Pilot Program gives us the opportunity to learn from you - the teachers and students. 

The 3 DragonBox Pilot Options

 2 Week Pilot:

This 2 Week Pilot option covers 2 DragonBox Topics of your choice.  For 2 weeks, students will learn number sense by playing with DragonBox Numbers, accompanied by the instructional lesson plans we will provide for you.  

For another 2 weeks, teachers will resume their ordinary lesson plans.  The DragonBox instruction can either take place in the beginning or the end of the Pilot Program.  In total, this pilot option offers a 20 day engagement with DragonBox. 

 1 Week Pilot:

For 1 week, your students will learn through exploring DragonBox Numbers.  Lesson plans covering 1 topic of instruction to compliment DragonBox Numbers will be provided for you.  For another week, teachers will resume their ordinary lesson plans.  This pilot option covers 1 DragonBox topic, and offers a 10 day engagement with DragonBox. 

 Free-Time Pilot:

Our most flexible option accommodates teachers who cannot change their lesson plans, but still want to experience the benefits of DragonBox Numbers.  For 2 weeks, students can play freely with DragonBox Numbers in the classroom for at least an hour a day.  However, DragonBox lesson plans will not be provided.  Students will still undergo a pre/mid/post test. 

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